Flats and Apartments for sale in Guruvayur


Forus builders projects have a heavy bearing on location because we want our residents to have their amenities conveniently close, all the while ensuring their domicile is peaceful and nurturing. The best flats in guruvayur and affordable apartments in guruvayur is claimed by Forus apartments in Guruvayur. Sturdy construction, aesthetic designs, modern amenities, safety and security, and convenient locations are some of the hallmarks of our flats in Guruvayur. If you're looking at apartments in Guruvayur that give you great value for your money, look no further, you have come to the right place !

For the spiritual individual Guruvayoor conjures up sacred images of the elaborate poojas at the Guruvayoor Temple, lamps being lit in the mandapam and throngs of devotees making their way into the sacred place.

We have been working on making people’s dreams true. We take pride in our luxury flats in Guruvayur. We guarantee that you will find something for you from our list of on-going projects, ready to occupy projects as well as the upcoming projects.

We believe in transparency and that is why, we do not hesitate to mention the details of our projects before the clients and customers. Our team of professionals takes pride in –

Offering the best amenities in the townships Best strategic locations for the construction projects, Utmost customer satisfaction, Best value for money for each of the luxury or economic projects, Eventual return of investments from 1 & 2 BHK flats in Guruvayur.